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What are some alternatives to yoga for flexibility and strength?

I am curious what other weightless systems have been developed for flexibility and general strength development, particularly those not derived from millenia-old religious practice. I am aware of Pilates, of course, but is there anything more recent?
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How about calisthenics?

FWIW, my husband does only body weight exercises (pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and some other strange things he's made up) along with jumping rope and some basic stretching, and he's incredibly strong and flexible.
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I've gotten great benefit from T-Tapp. I find the website (especially the forums) off-putting, but the workout itself is a great routine.

Classical Stretch / Essentrics is another system that gets great reviews, although I don't really click with it.

There're also a lot of barre and ballet influenced workouts around now, which probably meet your criteria.
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More or less any martial art
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Method Putkisto too (I found it through this book). Good battery of deep-stretching and strengthening techniques put together recently by a Finnish trainer.
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What about ballet? I'm in an adult beginner's class. It's tough, but fun.
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Seconding ballet. Nothing I've ever tried has worked my muscles and tested my flexibility like it does.
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Lotte Berk Method has been around for a good while; I remember my mom doing it in the '70s. It's barre-based with some floorwork.
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You might enjoy this discussion of whether stretching, by itself, has any real physiological or health benefits:
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Fwiw, I believe that yoga is really more of a modern phenomenon than a practice with some kind of direct religious lineage. Recent scholarship indicates yoga was strongly influenced by british gymnastics!
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Simplefit.com is similar to the workouts dpx.mfx's husband does.
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Tai Chi
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Sorry, that's simplefit.org
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It is derivative of the Lotte Berk method - but you're likely to find a class nearer to you - The Bar Method has gone nationwide. I was so much stronger and more flexible when I was going regularly.
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Capoeira is fun and pushes both flexibility and strength in my experience. That said, I have injured myself pretty badly while doing it, due to over extending myself.

Might be worth trying out if you can find some people to practice it with.
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