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Hey! Do you like quasi folk music? Me too! Recommend me some great bands!

Now-a-days "folk" music is getting pretty popular, and this makes me ecstatic. I found just a tickling of a love for it when, about 6 years ago I discovered this band The Snake The Cross The Crown. Now, this. This is my music. I like other music, (around that same time, at the ripe old age of 16, AFI and Against Me! never stopped playing) but when I hear this sort of "folk" that I like, there's just something in my brain that goes "Oh my god, yes!"

Some bands that I like, besides The Snake The blah blah blah, that fit the style I'm going for
Mumford & Sons
Matthew & the Atlas
Of Monsters and Men
The Lumineers
Horse Feathers

Reasons I Like this music:

•Big sound: [not so much with Horse Feathers]. Roudy, and full of life. Whether it be happy life or angry, or whatever. I'm all for it.
•Chorus of lots of people. Not, like, hallelujah-choir, but other people in the band frequently sing. Or sometimes all of them. Thats the best part.
•Clapping. I love clapping. And stomping.
•"Heys" and "Hos" and "hars" and "las" as an additive to lyrics
•Repetitive choruses.
•Banjos and Mandolins, trumpets, harmonicas, fiddles, and accordions.
•Girls with voices like birds. [Of Monsters & Men; Matthew & the Atlas]
•Men with voices that have soul. [Matthew & the Atlas] But not too much twang. I can't handle too much twang.

I don't like music that's too much on the country side. The Avett Brothers and Old Crow Medicine Show aren't really my cup of tea. Though, there may be exceptions to this rule. However, If you suggest Noah & the Whale, I'll have to kill you.
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The Cave Singers. Their first album is one of the most under rated of the past ten years, imo.
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The Felice Brothers are pretty great.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. (Old and new.)
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And Two Gallants rarely hit a false note. Adam Stephens is a phenomenal songwriter.
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Girls with voices like birds? Marissa Nadler.
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Phosphorescent, Okkervil River, Bonnie Prince Billy.
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Best answer: Fleet Foxes are pretty great too (moving toward indie, but I think worth a listen regardless).

Also a big fan of Local Natives.

The Low Anthem has some great stuff too.
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Espers. And everything unknowncommand suggested.

Bill Callahan.
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The Head and The Heart. The Low Anthem. The Punch Brothers. Langhorne Slim.
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Also - generally check out the blog I Am Fuel You Are Friends. That's where I first heard most of the bands being mentioned in this thread.
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Best answer: Tallest Man on Earth.
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Joanna Newsom.
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Banjo? Get the EP of Crooked Fingers doing covers like this one of Prince.
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Best answer: Anaïs Mitchell.
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Fairport Convention.
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The Decemberists
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try a little of the late, great, glorious Ronnie Lane (with Slim Chance):
One for the Road (live version)
Ooh La La
The Poacher
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Best answer: Another vote for The Head and the Heart. Also, one of my favorite discoveries of last year, Hey Marseilles.
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Best answer: Frank Turner his latest album should be in the right ballpark, especially if you're coming from a past with AFI and Against Me!

Maybe Chuck Ragan and others from his Revival Tour too, but that can get a little bit too bluegrassy and country for some.
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You might like Beirut.
Of, for something a bit quieter (but very good), Death Vessel.
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Hoots & Hellmouth.
They make me wanna stomp, scream, shout, clap, and grow facial hair.
Plus the lead singer, for a while, looked like a superanimated Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I'd go for their first eponymous album over their second.
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Best answer: Hoots and Hellmouth are great. I saw them perform a Millennium stage concert at the Kennedy Center and it was one of the most fun and energetic performances I've seen there.
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Bright Eyes. Especially I'm Wide Awake It's Morning and Cassadega.
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Monsters of folk, the gourds, Bonnie prince Billy, son volt
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Best answer: I love love love Johnny Flynn
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Best answer: Dawes !!!
Also Alistair Roberts!
And Dawes !!!
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Best answer: More!

These United States
Justin Jones and the Driving Rain
Meredith Bragg
Hurray For The Riff Raff
Old Calf
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Seconding Beirut

A Hawk and A Hacksaw
The Unthanks

Finally, three self-links-yet-on-topic:

The Langer's Ball
Felonious Bosch
Boiled In Lead
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Finally: Nathaniel Rateliff
Belle Brigade
The Far West
Middle Brother
Felice Brothers
Joe Pug
Father John Misty
Mason Jennings
And and and DAWES
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Best answer: Basia Bulat
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Best answer: This isn't really folky, but for some reason the Snake Cross The The The The song you posted reminded me of The Antlers.
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The Belles of Bedlam are kinda folky and totally dirty. :)
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Seconding Girlyman. If you ever get a chance to see them in concert jump on that, they put on the best live folk show I've ever seen. Also seconding Hurray for the Riff Raff. And Fairport Convention. Hell, there's a lot here I can get behind.

Also gonna add:

Among the Oak and Ash and other projects involving Josh Joplin.
Spirit Family Reunion, though that might be a bit too twangy.
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If you're not averse to music in French (technically Quebecois), you should listen to some Mes Aieux.
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Old Crow Medicine Show
Joy Kills Sorrow
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Best answer: I wanted to hear all of these, so here's youtube playlist of all youtube vids linked so far. Except the french ones, can't see those in the US :/
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Dan Bern, here singing Jerusalem with the Fugitives. He is funny and beautiful and profound. If you like this sound you should check out his two live albums featuring songs with Common Rotation, for the fuller band sound.

Here are a few more, including Baby Bye-Bye, a great Dan Bern song IMHO, and Osama in Obamaland.

And if you ever get the chance to see him live, please do. His shows turn into singalongs (example). Bern is truly a great artist in the folk modern style.
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Best answer: first aid kit
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I've marked quite a bit as best answer. Most of them weren't exactly what I was looking for, but I like them anyway. And that's awesome! Also, if they were bands I already knew I liked, I went ahead and marked it, too. You were right! I do love that band! [I'm looking at you, Frank Turner].

Also, here are some sing-songwriter types that I think some of you might like:
Joe Purdy is pretty good.
So is Noah Gunderson
Alexi Murdoch
Patrick Park

Other fun bands!
Chadwick Stokes
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Best answer: Have you ever heard The Pogues? (That whole album is one of my favorites -- it's the whole range of life from inexpressible joy to sweet sadness.)

Also check out Great Lakes Myth Society who are doomed to crumble to a fine ashen dust if ever they step outside the state of Michigan.

Best Question Ever, BTW
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Iron & Wine, such as Pagan Angel & a Borrowed Car
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Best answer: * The Swell Season and Glen Hansard may be right up your alley.
* Arcade Fire aren't necessarily folk, but I think they fit your description almost perfectly.
* The Decemberists definitely qualify, as others have noted.
* Gogol Bordello meets many of the criteria as well.
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Eddie From Ohio
Salamander Crossing
Trampled By Turtles
Adrienne Young

You might expand your own definition of what you're looking for to include the word "bluegrass." just sayin'.
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Best answer: Mermaid Avenue (volumes I and II) by Billy Bragg & Wilco sounds right up your alley.
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Best answer: Dark Dark Dark

Carolina Chocolate Drops (maybe on the country side, but actually have a quite a range in sound, so worth trying out a few different tracks to see what you like).
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Best answer: A bit late maybe, but perhaps you might also like: Port O'Brien
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Best answer: Have you heard "Sinking Ship" by Port Isla yet?

And the quasi folk band that is rocking my world these days -- the challenging, retro-weird, deeply rewarding Trembling Bells. They get more accessible with their later albums, so start with the first one, Carbeth, for maximum brain effect.
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Best answer: Self link. Seems bold and blowing-my-own-horn-ish, I know, but much of what I do falls into what could be called "quasi folk music".
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Springsteen's Seeger Sessions.
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Best answer: A fairly Australian/NZ and Scottish heavy list but I think they'll be a few here that will appeal.
Frightened Rabbit
Broken Records
Boy & Bear (this is a Crowded House cover but their original stuff is well worth checking out too)
Foreign Thoughts
Kim Churchill
I know you rejected Noah & the Whale but Laura Marling (who did the female vocals of their 'Five years time') is well worth checking out as a solo artist. This is a cover of a Johnny Flynn song (who was mentioned earlier in this thread) that is just gold
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Best answer: Oh I forgot The Oh Hellos
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Best answer: Gah, keep thinking of things to add after I post. Evening Hymns
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Best answer: The Builders And The Butchers (from Portland, where else?) - Devil Town
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