Recommending good non-profits?
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My cousin is moving to Chicago. He is working in the social service field, as a Manager and will be looking for jobs when he gets out there. Anyone know of non-profits they would recommend as good places to work or look into? He has experience in mental health, youth and homelessness but is open to broadening his focus. Thanks!
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I might do some searching on for those types of jobs.
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Everyone I know who has worked at the Howard Brown Health Center has loved it there. The Center on Halsted may be a good one, too. As long as he is a good queer ally.
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Ronald McDonald House is based in Oak Brook, and there are four Houses there, including a really big one downtown that just opened. It's tough to crack into RMH employment, though - best way is to volunteer (and it's a great place to volunteer, too).
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Heartland Alliance has a broad range of social service sectors he could look into. They often advertise on
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My Chicago nonprofit experience was in education/higher-ed organizations, so I don't have any firsthand experience with social services employment to make specific recommendations, but a former coworker of mine always talked fondly about her time working at Erie Neighborhood House.

I haven't lived in Chicago for a few years now, but when I was there I always found to be far and away the best source for nonprofit job listings in Chicago.
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