Can you identify this beautiful-looking hummbird-shrimp-moth hybrid?
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What sort of species is this interesting little guy? Pics and observed characteristics noted, inside.

Photo. Its wings did not capture.

It flies like a hummingbird, is the size of a large moth, has long antennae, the tail of a shrimp, and loves drinking nectar from flowers with his mouth-straw (scientific name not found on local drive C:/mybrain>.)

I know someone can disillusion me of the notion that I discovered the first of the invading space-lobsters. Though, c'mon, for who wouldn't welcome these, our new, adorable, overlords.
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It's a type of hummingbird moth, although I'm not brainy enough to know WHICH type :)
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Best answer: You basically nailed it in your description. It's a hummingbird moth. As for species, I can narrow it to Hemaris possibly thysbe, as linked above.
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That would be some kind of hummingbird moth or hummingbird hawk moth, I think, depending on where in the world ypu saw it. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the former and the latter.
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Best answer: I'm thinking Hemaris thysbe, the hummingbird clearwing moth.
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Best answer: Your photo looks identical to this guy so my vote is for thysbe.
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Response by poster: Man, what a cool creature. Thanks!
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(and mouth-straw = proboscis)
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They Might Be Giants think it's cool, too.
It's messing with the plan, it can't be believed
'Cause it's just a hummingbird moth
Who's acting like a bird that thinks it's a bee

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