Itunes screensaver with a folder of images?
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You know the iTunes album art screensaver? How can I make the same thing with a folder full of images? Replacing the album artwork with the desired images doesn't seem to work (OS X Lion).

The screensaver looks like this, where every few seconds a cover flips over to reveal another cover. I've got a folder of square images and want to create the same effect without having to manually animate it.
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Best answer: How about this?
posted by mon-ma-tron at 1:37 PM on July 18, 2012

1) Go to System Preferences->Desktop & Screensaver->Screensaver.
2) Hit the little '+', and select "Add Folder of Pictures"
3) Select your folder. Press 'test'.
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Scratch that... my reading's not real good today, apparently.
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Response by poster: Mon-ma-tron, thanks that's exactly the kind of thing I was searching for, but my google failed me.
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You're welcome — I hope it works for you!
Some days my Google-fu is better than others. :)
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