Not just digital paper.
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iPad print media: What books and magazines make use of the iPad's technology to make them more than just zoom in/out digital reproductions of the print version?

Are there any magazines or books that are really neat on the iPad?

I'm not looking for children's books, but YA is ok. Nonfiction, fiction, whatev. (ok well not romance novels. not sure i want to see that UX/UI). i know there's a lot with kids books with movable pictures and reading aloud, but i figure there must some more applications of the technology I'm not aware of and that I don't know the words for.

Even if it's just a presentation or report you got at a conference that one time that was super cool on the iPad as opposed to just another boring powerpoint or pdf with graphs.

I'm not looking for something that merely recreates what is in print or is just like a website with the clicking and then a popup, but rather things that are traditionally print but are, what's the word, modified? enhanced? - I'm not sure.

if you can give me names for the types of enhancements I'm trying to talk about, that's awesome too.

I'm not necessarily interested in the content so much as the application, but decent content woud be great too.
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My wife LOVES her Bon Appetit subscription on her iPad, and from what I've seen, it is exactly what you're looking for. Extra menus, pop-up comments, more recipes, pictures, videos, etc. Lots of neat stuff!
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You definitely want the Waste Land app.
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You want Flipboard.
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Oh and you might want to look around The Chimerist, a tumblr about literary apps run by the excellent Maud Newton and Laura Miller.
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(I think about this stuff for a living)

What you'll find if you survey current efforts to bring magazines to tablets is that publishers are pursuing three strategies (and often all three across their portfolio):
1) Low end translation--basically make it a PDF and insert some hyperlinks
2) Mid-tier transformation--ensuring most ads are linkable, some tablet extras that are bolted-on to the magazine content (perhaps an interactive graphic)
3) High-end re-imagining--involving embedded digital team members that are part of the creation process from the ground up and are doing "native" thinking/developing of content

As you move from #1 to #3 things get increasingly expensive and so we're generally seeing #3 be the model for higher value titles (where value = attractiveness of the audience to advertisers).

Today I think the best demonstration of how a magazine can be transformed into a new and immersive tablet experience is the iPad edition of Martha Stewart Living. Omnimedia has done a great job of taking a magazine and adding animation, video, sound, to deliver a captivating experience that's more engaging and useful than print. The production values are staggeringly good compared to other titles out there (Wired is often seen as doing this too but I think their efforts are just OK).
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National Geographic is doing some pretty neat things on the iPad, for example the Titanic issue from earlier this year has a rotatable 3D model skinned with photos taken at the bow wreck site.
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the waste land seems like what i'm going for.

bit expensive for me to fool around with, but intriguing in it's use of the technology, which is what i'm after.

chimerist seems like a good place to keep an eye on.

i'll check out the magazines suggested.
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Check out the book Paperless by David Sparks in the iBooks store. I think you will find it has a lot of what you are looking for.
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Conde Nast's magazines seem to be making a big splash on iPad (and Amazon Fire, for that matter). Wired and The New Yorker are the subscriptions I have (included with the print subscription).

Also Smithsonian (which proclaims itself as the world's most interesting magazine, although I think it's gone downhill since it discovered that about itself) is also pretty good on iPad, feels like it's authored for iPad by the same people that do Wired.
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Bon Appetit immediately came to mind as well. It has lots of this kinds of stuff, from "cooking modes" to moving images and the like. It's very nice, but sometimes it's overdone, IMO. Cook's Illustrated also has videos and this weird thing where the black and white photos slowly turn color, which sounds silly but is mesmerizing, for some reason.
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Along the same lines as Smithsonian, American Indian Magazine* has an app that makes the mag look great, even on my iphone4. It resizes text to what looks best for your resolution for maximum sharpness, it turns any website address in ads into a tappable link, you can jump straight to articles from links on the contents page, you can set bookmarks wherever, and (when appropriate) it embeds video that you can play right on the "page." It's super easy to navigate, too. If it looks this good on a phone, I can only imagine how nice it is on an ipad.

Also! It's free! You can currently download the current issue and an additional 4 back issues, going back to the Winter 2010 edition.

* Which is likely produced by the same people as Smithsonian Magazine, since it's produced by the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian.
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Well - at the simplest level, you are looking at ePUB ebooks versus PDF.

ePUB on at least the iPad has interactivity capabilities that while PDF may allow - I have never seen in real-life.
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