Drawing a blank on a notebook...
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I'm looking for a notebook that has about 100 pages, blank (not ruled or graph), smooth and reasonably thick paper, spiral-bound, about 5"x7". I usually like Japanese style notebooks, but doesn't have to be. I looked on JetPens.com but didn't find one that met all these criteria. Do you know of another source?
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I am extremely partial to the Maido store in San Francisco and I just found out they have an online store too. They stock Kyokuto Twin Rings Notebooks. And many other Japanese stationery triumphs.
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I like Strathmore Visual Journals, which I've found at art supply stores.
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The Mnemosyne notebooks from Jetpens seem like they might meet your requirements. The product description doesn't mention the paper, but it's decently thick.

Are the notebooks for writing or drawing? What kind of pen? That might help further narrow suggestions, since there's a ton of sketchbook that meet your general requirements, but a lot of those would be bad for (for instance) writing with fountain pen.
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I'm a longstanding fan of the Muji store notebooks.
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I do a lot of work with Razor points, Rapidographs, and fountain pens, and I like the cartridge paper in these field sketchbooks from Canson at Dick Blick. Easy to order online, although the 5x7 size has only 80 pages.
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I like these:
Aquabee Super Deluxe notebooks. I really like the paper (takes pen very well for notes, and graphite for sketching) - it's a favorite of quite a few of my picky artist friends. Only 60 pages though; it is going to be hard to find thick paper and 100 pages in the same 5x7 notebook.
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forgot the link: http://www.dickblick.com/products/bee-paper-aquabee-super-deluxe-sketchbook/
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You might consider having a notebook made for you. Kinko's will spiral bind any stack of paper you bring them. I make a notebook every other month or so with a mix of the kinds of papers I need for the kind of writing and drawing projects I'm currently obsessing over.

I think those wire bindings can get pretty big, so you could include nice watercolor paper, some handmade paper, or whatever your heart desires.

Those Strathmore Visual Journals mentioned upthread are super nice, but I can't afford them at the rate I go through paper. Same with Canson's sketchbooks.

Without knowing what the notebook will be used for, it can be hard to advise because there are so many kinds of paper for so many purposes.
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I really like these Cachet Wirebound Sketchbooks, nice paper, sturdy notebook and spiral binding, and the gap in the middle of the binding makes it a little extra special to use.
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The cheap solution is the Mead Academie - I've had one of these for a couple of years (I use it for writing, not sketching) and it's held up very well. It's only 70 pages, and 9x6, though, so it's either perfectly wrong or a perfect compromise.
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Oh hey the Kyokuto notebooks are exactly what I'm looking for...that's the one I have now from Kinokuniya in Seattle but couldn't find it online. Glad to know of this Maido online store!
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Oh thanks for asking for more details...I actually would just use it with pen (fountain or Staedtler) for journaling or sketching. Nothing too fancy! So don't require something super duper thick and sturdy but want to avoid something so thin it'll bleed through easily.
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