Shipping Costs for CD?
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About how much would it cost to ship a single Audio CD (with case) within the US?

Any idea on international costs?
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In US, it dpends. Less if you put in a non-square envelope. No shit-- the USPS charges more for shipping square packages than ones that are merely rectangular.

A cd (no case) in a square envelope will cost about 55 cents domestic.
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I want to use the ultra thin cases... what if i slipped that inside of a rectangular package with a lil' bit of padding?
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This AskMeFi was about mailing CDs in cardboard sleeves without jewel cases, but I think most of the information and links will still be relevent.
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Within the US - About a dollar in a padded envelope (full jewel case). 83 cents last time I mailed CDs in slim cases.

If you are sending it in another case, it will be just fine. CDs are tough - be sensible and see that it isn't going to bent, of course. If you are mailing it on its own, the padded envelope is essential. If you get involved with CD exchanges you will soon have a large collection (I just started re-using).

As for international - fastest way to find out would be to weigh it and look on the USPS website for rates.
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i send a fair amount of mixes out. without a jewel case and a sort of thin construction paper like hand made envelope it's 60 cents. with a slim jewel case, in a padded envelope not exactly square in shape, about 83 cents.
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The USPS has a calculator, here. A CD, by itself, weighs under an ounce. Quadruple it--just to be conservative--and you'll get your answer, including case, cover, and envelope. It doesn't cost that much.
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Media Mail is the way to go.

Media MailĀ® service is a cost efficient way to mail books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, printed music, and recorded computer-readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes). Media Mail can not contain advertising except for incidental announcements of books. The maximum weight for Media Mail is 70 lbs.
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Keep in mind that using Media Mail entitles the USPS to open your package without your knowledge or consent.

So don't stick a note or card in with your CD.
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Media Mail is the way to go.

Except that the minimum Media Mail rate is 1 pound, which costs $1.42; i.e. more than it costs to send a CD case in a padded envelope via First Class Mail.

C'mon people, postage isn't that hard. Crack out your kitchen scales, and weigh the thing. First ounce is 37 cents, each additional ounce 23 cents. 12 cent square surcharge, but only if it's one ounce or less. All this is on the USPS website. Other services, punch it into the USPS calculator. A little self-sufficiency here.
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It usually costs me $1.06 First Class, not including the price of the padded envelope.
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I can second $1.06. We just did a mailing of 300 CD's. One dollar and 3 cent stamps are your friends.
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