Looking for a Mac OS compatible 3G AT&T USB dongle
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I'm looking for 1) an AT&T 3G USB modem(?) that is compatible with Mac OS and 2) an accompanying short-term data plan arrangement.

I haven't been able to find a device that states it's compatible with Mac OS, but I may be looking in the wrong place. I will be traveling to Bear Lake, UT, and it looks like coverage there is OK.

I also don't know if there's some sort of pre-paid card I can get that fits the bill--I won't be gone for long, and am not sure which service to inquire after. My needs are web & internet stuff like SSH.

Thank you!
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The two random USB dongles they offer on the site work on the macs in our office, even though they're not "officially" supported: for the older one I had to download a software update for the manufacturer's site but the newer one was plug & play.
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If it doesn't need to be a dongle or exactly AT&T, and assuming you have an AT&T / unlocked GSM smart phone phone, you could run off a SIM card from Straight Talk and set up the phone as a hotspot.

Straight Talk operates on AT&T's network, and will get you unlimited data/talk/text for $45 a month, no contracts. Might be a little complicated (though with some of the dongle software I've seen, this might be easier), but it'd be perfect both for short term use and eliminating compatibility issues.
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