Safe St. Louis parking lots?
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Where should I park a 17' U-Haul near the St. Louis airport?

St. Louisans- My wife and I are moving from Columbia to North Carolina. On our way, we'll be picking up my dad from the STL airport, but I need a place near the airport (~10 mins) to park our U-Haul temporarily. Any safe areas with a Wal-Mart or similar public place whose massive parking lot I can use? Links to Google Maps appreciated. Thanks!
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There is in fact a Walmart with a large parking lot less than 2 miles from the airport:

Google Maps
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I've parked successfully in self-service hotel parking lots. You just need a big chain near the airport or in the 'burbs. In my experience those places don't typically screen incoming traffic to make sure you're a guest.

Looks like the airport Marriott in STL would be perfect.
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I live in St. Louis. How long do you need to park it for? The airport hotels are a good idea.

Email me if I can be of further assistance.
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Are you actually dropping a trailer, or just parking the U-Haul with tow vehicle and going to get dad in your chase car?

What time of day would you be doing this?

There are some big strip malls on St. Charles Rock Road between 70 and 270 that would be easy to get to and unlikely that anyone would question you as there are multiple businesses you might be patronizing.
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Another option: wait for your dad at a hotel near the airport that offers shuttle bus service. He can join you after his flight arrives.
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Thanks for all the input. Further info, since it's been requested: picking up in the chase car, leaving U-Haul locked but unattended. Around 10am on a weekday.

I really like the idea of having an airport hotel shuttle take my dad to us. I've never taken an airport shuttle, actually. Do they confirm your reservation before you take the shuttle?
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Also, just leaving it parked long enough for me to pick up my dad. Thanks!
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Carmicha's plan is to have your dad take the shuttle to the hotel, actually, not you. They are usually on demand, or you can call them and ask them for their schedule.
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Typically they run every half hour during peak periods and on demand at other times. And they're free. You can find options by looking for St. Louis Airport hotels using any travel booking site (Orbitz,, Travelocity, etc.). Most will offer shuttle service, which is usually listed in the "Amenities" section. Don't feel you have to book a room at the hotel unless it's otherwise convenient. If you're going to just hang out and wait for your father, pick a larger property likely to feature a decent lobby and/or a restaurant; again, the information and photographs included with the listings on the above travel sites will help.

This small inconvenience for your father and potential slight delay waiting for the shuttle is trivial compared to the time and hassle of finding a safe place for your U-haul and going through the disconnect/reconnect routine.
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My first thought was, "you can't park a U-Haul anywhere near an airport in this day and age." Check and see if the hotel you meet him at offers an airport shuttle. They won't ask for proof of a reservation before they take him to the hotel. If you hang out in the restaurant or bar while you wait for him there definitely won't be any trouble.

If it doesn't, have him look for "ground transportation" at the airport. There will be any number of cabs or inexpensive shuttles (shared ride) that will take him where ever he needs to go.

Also, if you want to meet him at the airport, take your U-Haul to the hotel parking lot and you take the shuttle. I take airport/hotel shuttles fairly frequently and they never ask if you have a reservation, they just ask which hotel or which terminal you need to go to.
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