How do I filter out e-mails with an empty To: fields in Gmail?
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How do I filter out e-mails with an empty To: fields in Gmail?

I basically want to filter out e-mails that I receive but have an empty "To:" field in gmail (and from specific e-mail addresses) but I can't figure out how to specify it with Gmail's filtering search criteria boxes. You've probably seen these e-mails as To:undisclosed recipients, but when you look at the details it is because the To: field is blank. I'm quite familiar with creating gmail filters, but I just can't figure out what to put in the search box to make gmail look for To: fields with 'nothing' in them and every tutorial I've found online is about how to send e-mail like this, not filter out ones you receive. I've tried leaving all the search fields blank which finds all my e-mails, tried empty quotes and parenthesis, ie "" or () but it still returns all e-mails, and I've tried typing in "undisclosed recipients" but it didn't find these e-mails (unless those words were actually written in the To: field). Is it even possible to search for blank To: fields?
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From this site, it looks like you could try: AND AND
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Response by poster: Ah nice! Never would have guessed that. Actually, I think I might have seen the deliveredto: criteria but I tried putting that in the To: box. You need to either type it in the general search box (which I did this time) or put it in the Has The Words: box if you are in the advanced search mode.

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That will also filter out anything that is bcc'd to you, even if it has a To: field.
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Something along the lines of
kind of works. You'd want to be careful to make sure that you weren't being bcc'd on mail to addresses in other TLDs, though.
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Here's a somewhat more complete version of that. It's an ugly hack, but might be enough for your purposes.


Apologies for the super-long line. I just tested it in my own account, and it did seem to match all the messages with an empty or missing To: header. Or, rather, all the messages it matched had an empty or missing To: header. I don't have a way to check whether it found all of the messages like that, because if I did, I could just tell you how to do that, instead.
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