Help me remember this web-based shooter game
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I’m trying to remember a recent browser-based Flash game. It was a vertical scroller, overhead space-themed shooter, something I saw online within the past 6-12 months. You had a ship and you’d pick up weapons. Your bullets were meagre at first, and then numerous as you upgraded your weapons. The screen would fill up with bad guys, bullets everywhere, general mayhem that you could only survive with a constant inflow of invincibility powerups. What was this game?
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Best answer: I seem to remember something like it, like there were synthesized voices that shouted enthuiastically as you shot things up. I think it was posted to the blue in fact, but I haven't found it after a few searches.
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Best answer: Took a spin through my recent Mefi favorites -- sounds a lot like Pixelhate, from this February post.
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Was it Upgrade Complete?
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Upgrade Complete has a sequel.
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Rhaomi's link is the one I was thinking of. I went back and played it a bit -- it seems much easier now.
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Cosmic Commander?

(I'm trying to think of another one I found on JayIsGames but the tagging over there is sub-par, you can't seem to combine tags to search.)
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What you've described is a "bullet hell" game, a subgenre of shoot-em-up (or shmup for short). try adding "bullet hell" to your search terms.
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A bullet hell game based on chaining together invincibility pickups would be something fairly distinctive - most are about precision dodging.

(Also try "Danmaku", the Japanese name for the genre.)
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Response by poster: Pixelhate! That's totally the one. When I'm off my idevice I'll try out some of these other suggestions too.
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