Identify this musical instrument?
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Just what is this flat, neckless 4-stringed musical instument?

Here is an album of pictures. I found this at an antique store the other day and was curious about it! It's about a foot and a half tall, and two inches thick. A bow was included, but I don't think it belonged there. Can anyone tell me what it is (and if by any chance it's worth the $275 on the tag)?
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An Appalachian dulcimer?
posted by pompomtom at 10:41 PM on July 16, 2012

If the bow doesn't go with it, why is the case so much longer than the instrument?
posted by mr_roboto at 11:16 PM on July 16, 2012

Best answer: It's a bowed zither.
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A little more about the bowed zither here.
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Response by poster: And so it is! Thanks, mr_roboto. (The bow just didn't look like it matched, and the rest of the space did have that little compartment in it.)
posted by jinjo at 5:39 AM on July 17, 2012

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