I'll eat you out of that pineapple under the sea.
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What are some great seafood restaurants on the Oregon Coast not terribly far from Portland?

It has been a while since a similar question has been asked. A friend from back home is visiting and loves seafood. We would like to go to someplace like Cannon Beach and stuff ourselves with all manner of sea creature.

We would like something casual. We are willing to travel but can't be out of Portland more than eight hours. Bonus points if there is some land animal my seafood-averse boyfriend can eat.
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I see I'm the first person here so I'll start by saying that Cannon Beach has pretty much the worst food on the coast. Too many tourists and not enough caring about actual food. I think your best bets will be somewhere in Tillamook or Astoria, mainly because people actually live there.

My brother loves the Tables of Content at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport.
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Astoria is probably the place to go. There is a lot of beef and dairy farming in Oregon, so you should be able to find a combination of excellent sea food and amazing beef.
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If you don't need a seaside setting, just stay in Portland. The food is excellent there, and close enough to the coast for delivery of fresh seafood.
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One of the best meals I've ever had was when I had the seafood Chef's Mercy at The Columbian Cafe in Astoria. Basically, you get whatever the chef wants to make for you, sort of like ordering omakase at a sushi restaurant.
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Yeah, unfortunately you're not going to find a lot of good dining in Seaside, Cannon Beach, etc. My grandmother lives in Manzanita and we've eaten in a lot of restaurants up and down the coast and it's nothing to write home about (there was a particularly awful meal in Yachatz). I agree that you might have luck in Astoria.
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I have had some really good seafood at Tidal Raves. It's in Depoe Bay, which is about 2 hours (hour and a half?) from Portland. I have had brunch there and watched whales - it's over the ocean.

Becks is on my list, and I've heard good things but I've not gone yet.

Fin was the best in Portland but it is gone. The chef is at Wafu and is opening a restaurant inside that restaurant but it isn't open yet.

If your friend is okay with sushi - I know one of the fishmongers who supplies Bamboo and dear lord it's awesome fish. Bamboo is in Portland on NE 28th and on NW 23rd.
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>Jake's Famous Crawfish is divine. You'll thank me later.
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yeah, you're really not going to get much in cannon beach/seaside, etc. i love the bridgewater bistro in astoria (and it sits overlooking the columbia river mouth—incredibly lovely views). everything i've had there on several occasions has been delicious.

for spectacular fish and chips (made from tuna), there's also the bowpicker which is a boat converted into a food truck situation. i try not to miss it if i am anywhere near the area.
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Having lived in the Seaside/Astoria/Cannon Beach area for 4 of the last 5 years, I disagree with the sentiment that you can't get good food there. Just like everywhere else, you have to know where to look.

Bridgewater Bistro, T Paul's Supper Club, one or two others in Astoria. Newman's at 988 in Cannon Beach, J.P.'s in Cannon (if it's still open, there were rumors of it closing) and possibly the Wayfarer in CB as well if the chef I used to work for is still there. All of those are great and I have been to each within the last two years.

Just thought of it and Clemente's in Astoria is excellent, same family as T. Paul's and they actually get their food right from the boats as they come in.

When you're done, if you want to see what it's like to really live at the coast, go to Sam's Cafe in Seaside and hang in the bar in the back.
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My husband recommends Moe's, south end of Lincoln City, near Taft beach. Says the restaurant is touristy but the beach is great!
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Thanks everyone. Not sure which city we will end up in but I will let you know what we ended up doing and how grateful we are for the recomendation.
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Bistro Restaurant in Cannon Beach is quite good. I've been to the Wayfarer too and enjoyed it.

Waterfront Depot in Florence is excellent and has great ambiance, but may be a little far away for you.
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Local Ocean in Newport
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Most everyone else will disagree with me (darn foodies!) but I really enjoy going to Mo's in Cannon Beach. And everyone I've taken there - my family from Kansas, for example - loves it too. I like their clam chowder.

It is trendy, though, and relies a lot on fried items.
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Sadly, skip the Bistro in Cannon Beach, it burned this week.
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