Two VGA only monitors & one VGA only PC - Dual screen needed. Please suggest.
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I have a PC - CPU tower with one VGA port, a DVI port and few USB ports. And I cannot open this to add any cards, corp policy. And two monitors with just VGA ports. Is it possible to setup a dual monitor? - one extending to another not a splitter with mirror image in two monitors Please help.
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You can get a DVI to VGA converter.
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You can also add a monitor via USB (read the details and reviews, though; there are resolution and speed restrictions)
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Assuming your video card has the ability to push the pixels the Matrox's Dualhead to Go does exactly what you want.
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Seconding the DVI to VGA adapter. Although you need to make sure your DVI port has the two pins on either side of the flat wider pin like on these connectors.
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Yeah, start with the cheap adapter, and work your way up to the Matrox. I'm not affiliated with the site, but is my go-to for cables and adapters. (USA.)

Although, to be honest, any IT department probably has 5 of these in a drawer somewhere. You can borrow one for a test.
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tresbizzare has it. Chum around IT. There are tons floating around in the back of drawers and boxes and stuff. Unless there was a recent purge of "useless garbage" lately, but it doesn't sound like your situation.

Beware, though, even if the card has both a VGA and DVI port, the card itself might not be able to support dual screens if it's super-duper-ultra-budget. But most modern cards will be able to extend across two monitors no sweat.
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Does corporate policy also preclude the IT department from doing this for you?
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