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Looking for any decent non-fiction books, in English, about Copenhagen.

All I can find are guidebooks. I'd be happiest if there exists some sort of history of the city (preferably a social/urban history rather than A Series of Descriptions of Great Men, or A Chronology of Military Sieges). What I reeeeeeally want is something that could give me a birds-eye contextual frame, or at least a sense of the place from some angle. The way "Maximum City" might for Mumbai, "City of Quartz" for Los Angeles, Pamuk's "Istanbul", etc. Obviously these books have their own orientations and preoccupations, but still sort of a generalist tone.

I'm drawing up such a nothing that I'm not too picky at all, though. It's okay if it's relatively obscure or hard to get ahold of; I have access to academic interlibrary loans and such.

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I found eight books listed for:
Wikipedia - Category: Novels set in Copenhagen
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Ok, haven't read it, but it sounds like the Copenhagen Quartet by Thomas E. Kennedy, may be closer to what you are looking for. Fiction, but
"The Copenhagen Quartet comprises four independent novels about the souls and seasons, the light and jazz and serving houses of the Danish capital. Each volume can be read independently or all four can be read together, consecutively, or in any order the reader might wish — although the first of the four, Kerrigan’s Copenhagen, A Love Story (2002), contains a wealth of information about the city that establishes a background of the Danish history and culture."
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There are quite a few novels set in Copenhagen, but non-fiction (which the OP asked for) seems to be thinner on the ground, at least in English.

A quick search of LibraryThing turns up:

Hans Andersen's Copenhagen
Copenhagen Copenhague Kopenhagen
Copenhagen (Panorama-Books)
Poetic Copenhagen
Copenhagen growing. The story of Ørestad
Copenhagen! Views & visions
Copenhagen living
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