stories about working for yourself; achieving success.
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stories about working for yourself; (fearing and achieving) success.

i have devoured, been inspired by MF posts on literature of horse-racing, manhood, baseball, short stories about the meaning of life, quests...etc. What about starting a small business? There are a gazilion (important) books and articles out there on business plans, websites, taxes; these are about the mechanics. There are even more millions of books on overcoming anxiety, fear of success, risk. But right now I am in need of something more emotional, gut-driven, well-written, to ENGAGE me fuller. Achieving success, the joy of problem-solving, of building and design. Literature, the power of good writing might be a more valuable lever right now. Hope this is not too vague.
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You may be getting the cart before the horse. Rather than seek some good writing that might engage you, why aren't you starting with the idea for the business that you want to work for yourself in doing?

If you don't have an idea for a business that you'd really like to have, and that could be operated as easily by one person as by a larger entity, I'm not sure any amount of rah-rah literature is going to be enough.
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You might enjoy my series of interviews with people who have started their own business. It's on my blog and I pick them up again after a year and see how they're going. It might give you some ideas or inspiration, anyway. Several people have commented that they have found it useful.

I won't link to it here as don't want to be accused of self-publicising: memail me if you'd like a link.
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Not writing, but what about interviews on video? I have heard good things about Mixergy.
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Oh I am doing it now. Have been for awhile. The website, the accountant, the blogs; and the projects. Even some profit. All about building and design. But I'm flagging; feeling my passion diminishing; need some boost in an emotional sense right now, not more business plans. This is not about rah-rah, but good, engaging writing, talking about the ups and downs, the challenges, the pay-offs and obsessiveness, the struggle and maybe failure.
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