Who is pointing out many apparent gateways to demonic possession in my soul?
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What is the origin of this (slightly NSFW) fascinating list of "doorways to demonic possession," including, along with classic "occult" practices, drug use, and popular films with supernatural themes, such interesting additions as postmodernism and cyberpunk culture?

I encountered this list yesterday via Facebook, where it circulated around various networks of mine with memetic speed. It begins, "Beloved, do not take part in any of these components of Satan's Spiritual Structure," and goes on to list as gateway practices and phenomena: "Eastern religions, yoga, Freemasonry, Illuminati groups, New Age religions, Church of Satan, Scientology, Rosicruscianism, Astrology, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Remote viewing, Palmistry, Voodoo, Earth Worship, Wicca, Cyberpunk culture, Divination, Meditation, Vegetariansim, Lycanthropy, Postmodernism, Backmasking, Astral-projection, Necromancy, Rebirthing, Kabbalah, LOTR, Fire walking, Levitation, alt 'comix,' Vampirism, Trilateralism, Marihuana & Pot parties, LSD/shrooms, Video games, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, Halloween, Fornication, Skull & Bones, Rock music, Heavy metal, Burning man, Twilight films, Raves & XTC, [and] Goth culture."

I'm interested in knowing both the specific origin of the clipping linked, so that I might cite it, and thoughts on the social position of the author.
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This is a pamphlet that's being handed out at Comic-Con by protesters who are carrying large yellow signs that all say "Holy Bible" at the bottom. So far, they have chosen not to identify their group or denominational affiliation to the folks who have spoken with them.
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You could ask the "Galactus Is Nigh" counter-protestors if any of them have a copy of the tract, and if it has any information on it that identifies the author(s) or the group(s) distributing it. The Galactus folks' Facebook page is here.
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Thanks for the help, Sidhedevil! I'll try to track down the name of the group through Galactus is Nigh. I'm still interested in people's thoughts on the specific social location of this protesting group.
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There are tons of lists like that out there. Just about any Charismatic or Pentecostal ministry that does deliverance or counseling ministry will have something along those lines. But "cyberpunk" culture? That's a new one on me. This particular list reads more like it came out of a Fundamentalist church (I use that term more technically than most of you on here, fwiw.)

I cannot think of a greater waste of time than to pass something like that out at Comic-con. Seriously. I am wondering if someone is actually doing this tongue-in-cheek? Cause the Charismatics I know would be passing out water bottles to the crowd instead.
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I am almost certain it's from a Jack Chick tract. You'd think not, but he's kept his stuff updated.
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It also looks like the right dimensions for some Jack Chick craziness.
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I think this page has the original chick image of the Satan's structure hierarchy.
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I am wondering if someone is actually doing this tongue-in-cheek?

No, by all accounts they are quite serious. Here's a photo.

Generally when people talk about "Satan's Spiritual Structure" they are referring either to what Jack Chick talks about in the tract MonkeyToes linked--the org chart of Hell, basically--or to a series of interlocking institutions (the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, what have you) that are, in the minds of the writers or speakers, dominated by either Satanic influences or actual Satan worshippers.

I've never seen an omnium-gatherum like this. It is not from any of the Chick tracts on Chick's site.
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Definitely a Chick tract. While I don't have this one, I do have a pretty big collection from the wacky preachers near my home - and this is the exact format/typeface he uses.
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Hi. I can clarify the matter for you, DrMew. BTW, I'm also a sociologist.

Hi, "Satan's Spiritual Structure" was part of a tongue-in-cheek Jack Chick tract spoof that we at Cultjam Productions created to promote our satirical film Ivy League Exorcist: The Bobby Jindal Story --which can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFiu-KrwdXI

The reviewer for the Silicon Valley Metroactive has a review of the film.

The entire Chick tract parody can be viewed on our blog.

The person who initially posted the "Satan's Spiritual Structure" page from our tract "A Demon-Hunting Veep" failed to mention either the name of the tract or the film it was promoting leading to readers believing that this was a real fundy tract and not a spoof.
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