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Back in the '90's, I had a game for the Mac called "Mission: Thunderbolt". I heard it was moved to PC format. 1) Was it? 2) If so, where could I get it? 3) Are there any more like it?
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There's a Windows 3.1 game called "JauntTrooper - Mission: Thunderbolt" at The Underdogs. If that's the right game, HOTU describes it as being "roguelike," meaning that, yes, there are an absurd number of games like it. Try searching google for the term "roguelike," e.g., Wikipedia lists some similar games under roguelike.
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Ah, and there was a question yesterday about another roguelike game called "Castle Adventure," you may want to check that one out if that M:T is indeed the right one. :)
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It had a sequel called Mission: Firestorm. Thunderbolt was ported to the PC, Underdogs has it, and the Mac version of the sequel.
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There aren't many sci-fi roguelikes. I can think of three:
Reaping the Dungeon
Dead Cold
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