They have a trailer but I can't have it
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I need to move an apartment's worth of things from Seattle to Dallas, including a vehicle. A U-Haul 5'x8' trailer would be awesome but they don't rent to Ford Explorer drivers. I have a Ford Explorer. There don't appear to be any other trailer rental companies in the Seattle area. Are there any other options? Less than $500 would be great--the U-Haul trailer I can't have is $321--but I'm open to all ideas that are somewhere in the ballpark.

How much trouble would I get into if I take a friend's small truck over there to pick up the trailer but then attached it to my completely trailer ready (has a hitch) Explorer and I have my own insurance to cover the trailer and my stuff if something goes wrong?
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Oh, the timeframe for the move is the first week of September. I'll be coming back but the trailer and vehicle won't.
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It is highly likely that your insurance wouldn't cover the trailer because you weren't legitimately renting the trailer in the first place.
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I wouldn't rent from U-Haul in the first place. They're a notoriously bad company. Keep looking.
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If you borrow your friends truck, you should figure out what you're going to do on the other end when you return the trailer. I think if they don't want to rent to you for use with an Explorer then pulling in and returning it with that vehicle might cause some problems.
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I know this is not the question you are asking, but:

Have you considered renting a moving truck and towing your Explorer?
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Have you looked at things like PODS or one of the 4 or 5 other companies that do the same thing that I can't think of the name for right now? Then all you have to do is drive your own car.

And I agree that Uhaul is a terrible, horrible company and I would avoid doing business with them as much as possible. Of course, they are where I buy all my boxes from because they are cheaper BUT I wouldn't rent from them.
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Skip U-haul and check out other options. How about ABF Upack to pack your apartment and just drive your Explorer to Dallas.

Budget, Ryder and Penske rent trailers. Those are other places to start.
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I was very pleased with ABF Upack when I moved several years ago from Seattle to Orlando. You only pay for the number of linear feet you use on the truck, so if you have good packing and stacking skills you can really minimize the cost.
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Seconding a good experience with PODS (and a Seattle move).
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When we moved to Alaska many years ago, we bought a trailer (actually it specifically made to measure so it took the same spare as the Cadillac we were driving) becuase it was half the cost of renting a trailer. You can always sell the trailer when you get to Dallas. Check with your local trailer builders.
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Buy a trailer on Craigslist, take it there, sell it on Craigslist when you get there. It's like renting for free.
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