WTF Google?
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A purchased e-book has disappeared from my iPad. I would like to have it back, please.

Google Books.
I bought a book and have been reading over the past couple of weeks. About 180 pages into a 300+ page book.
Yesterday it disappeared.
Book samples and previously 'purchased' free books are still there.

What I have tried so far:
-Powering off and on (no change)
-Looking for download buttons on the iPad and on the Google books website that will let me download it again (none)
-Reading it on the website from my desktop machine (it works, but it's not what I want)
-Using the contact button to Google to ask for help (no answer)
-Looking to see if it is actually in my Kindle app, my Nook app or my iBooks app. (no)
-Deleting and re-installing GoogleBooks (mistake, see below*)
-Reading book samples to fall into a frustrated sleep. (woke up cranky)

*Google Books app is not there to install anymore. Now it's GooglePlayBooks.
And it looks like iPad is not supported. Perhaps it never was.
However, the samples and free books are still working fine. Only the purchased book is not.

Any ideas?
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Does it show up if you go to the "My Library" link on
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Try re-purchasing it again, carefully. It may know that you've already bought it, and re-download it for free.
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Google Play Books is supported on the ipad (the new app is in the App Store under the new name), but you can't purchase directly from the app. Login to the google play books website and make sure it's in your library.
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Have you tried contacting support? When I have an issue with a Kindle book, I just contact Amazon and the issue is usually fixed on the spot.
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This is the iPad GooglePlay page, and here is a more specific "known issue":
Books may not show up in your Google Play Books App on your Android and iOS devices.

We're currently experiencing an issue where your titles may not show up in your Google Play Books App on your Android or iOS device. Our team is investigating the issue, but in the meantime, we suggest you take these steps to add your book back:

Go to in your Web browser, and sign into your account if you haven't already.
At the bottom of the page in the gray bar, click "My Orders & Devices."
Find the book you'd like to re-add, and select the downward facing arrow in the rightmost column, next to "Report a Problem."
This will give you the option to "Delete forever" or "Add to my library." Select "Add to my Library."
Your book should now re-appear in your library on your Android and/or iOS device.
If you have any questions about the above steps, or are still unable to get your book back, please contact us using our contact form for support.
Contact form.

Hope that helps! It sucks when you are in the middle of a book and can't finish reading it!
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Checking in from work:
-It is in my library on the website, and I can read it there.
-Contact form has not worked yet, they have not replied.

Misha, I think you win the brass ring. That worked perfectly for my iPhone. I'll have to wait til I get home to try the iPad, but it looks good.
I had gotten to that page once before, but used the 'report a problem' button and did not notice that little arrow.
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Yep, we're good.. Thanks all!
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