Buying a used car by proxy
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We need to buy a used car in Phoenix, Arizona. We know roughly what we want, but we don't have time to shop for it, and we're currently in another state anyway. Can we hire some kind of agent in the Phoenix area to car-shop for us?

How would we go about doing this? Is it a good idea? We're also not sure how to find such an agent, since searching for "auto broker" seems to turn up every dealership in the area.
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I can personally vouch for this Phoenix broker, if that helps.

posted by Exchequer at 1:49 PM on July 15, 2012 - may be this will help?
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If I was in that situation, I would trust Carmax most.
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My dad lives in Phoenix and knows his way around cars. Let me know if you want him to shop for you.
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