Name this music video with a freight train in it
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Name this music video with a freight train in it

Date: I think I saw it on MTV in the latter half of the eighties.

The video: A group of teenagers is driving in a car. They're in a good mood; it's probably Saturday night and they're headed to a party. They come to a railway crossing and have to stop because a freight train is passing. The freight train goes on and on; it actually goes on for the entire video, and the teenagers never get anywhere. I think it's shot in black and white.

The lyrics: If I recall correctly, the first verse mentions being 18 years old and hopeful; the last verse mentions being 20 years old and asking, "where did the last two years go"?
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Best answer: could it be "Like a rock" by bob seger?
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Best answer: Sure sounds like it...

Twenty years now
Where'd they go?
Twenty years
I don't know
Sit and I wonder sometimes
Where they've gone
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot! It's funny to compare your blurry memories with the real thing.
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