Cold Hard Steel
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Tell me about your favorite indie rock songs that have steel drums.

"Indie rock" in the broadest, vaguest sense of the term. "Heart it Races" by Architecture in Helsinki is a great example (not to be confused with the excellent Dr. Dog cover).

To be clear, I'm not talking about steel drum band covers of awesome songs, even if they are also awesome.
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Carrie Anne by the Hollies is the original.
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David Byrne used them on The Catherine Wheel album. Not at all recent and arguably not indie, but an excellent use of steel drums.
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Jane Says by Jane's Addiction.
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Lottery Winners on Acid, by The Crimea.
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Islands - Jogging Gorgeous Summer
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The Sea and Cake - Fuller Moon, Down in the City, and Mirrors, all from Car Alarm.

The Lonesome Organist is a one-man-band project by Jeremy Jacobsen, who occasionally pulls out the the steel drum. I don't have any specific tracks for you, but here's a video interview.
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Future Islands - Tin Man
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If it's the sound of steel drums and not the materiality of them that is of interest then Battles' Gloss Drop album has several songs that to my ears have the sounds of steel drums on them. Personally I think the track "Inchworm" is representative with those sounds more present in the mix, but for something with a more indie feel I'd recommend a track with a guest vocalist like "Sweetie & Shag" which has Kazu from Blonde Redhead singing (the steel drum sound is more buried though) or Sundome which features Yamantaka Eye and has those sounds upfront but is maybe too long and stretched out / dubbish to feel sufficiently indie-rock for you. My favorite track on the record with a guest vocalist is actually Ice Cream with Matias Aguayo but I think those sounds only appear in a gated or truncated sounding way. Also, apologies for not knowing if they're samples or just some plugin or what but when I heard the record I thought to myself it was the most interesting use of the steel drum sound I had heard in a longtime regardless of their source.
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Flake - Jack Johnson
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Ween - Bananas and Blow

I'm pretty sure several Tue Yards songs have them, but I'm not digging through right now.
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Clash - let's go crazy
(from Sandinista)
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The Knife - Heartbeats I really love it because the steel drums feel sinister to me which is not usually the case for such an instrument.
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For Your Love by Marching Band
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World Domination Enterprise's cover of Funkytown.
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Northern Lites by Super Furry Animals
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Better Than Ezra - Juarez
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