Can anyone recommend an essay editing service?
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I am currently in the process of applying to law school. I am a strong writer and am not convinced I need a lot of help with my essay, I just want to have a totally independent third party who does this for a living read my essay and give me feed back. Can anyone recommend (or warn me of) any companies that provide this service?
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Ann Levine comes to mind.
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Anna Ivey does this as part of a package. Not sure if her company breaks it out solely for essays -- might be too expensive for just that service.

Any reputable consultant will tell you that the positive impact of an essay is going to be very limited, absent a few special cases. If you don't fall into one of those special cases, the main job of your essay is not to screw up.

To make sure you're getting value, your conversation with any admission consultant should be very specific -- "I am of this race, I have this LSAT, I went to this college majoring in this field and got this GPA. Tell me about clients you have served matching this profile, and whether in your opinion your work on their essays (or something else you did) made a significant difference in the quality of their admissions." And then ask for references to the applicant(s) they helped.

One thing that is new, and very important, is the extent to which law schools are now granting (in some cases) huge scholarships, which are only partially, or not at all, need based. Every consultant needs to be on this as a KEY area of application strategy, given how difficult the employment market has become and how high "sticker" tuition is. Within any ranking band, you'd clearly go for the net cheapest option, and these days there'd be a strong argument to drop a ranking band if doing so got you $100k more in aid, which it easily could.
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