Just can't take the pressure
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Looking for a discrete cushion I can use to protect blood flow through my perineum to... to the bits connected to the perineum. Or some other solution

I have a very bony butt, and if I sit on a seat with any give in it, it produces pressure on my perineum. I think this reduces blood flow to my penis, because if I sit that way for a few hours a day, my penis starts to hurt, and if I beef things up with a couple of pads under my sit bones so that there is no pressure on the perineum, the pain goes away fairly quickly. I've been living with this for more than a year, and have gone through a few cycles of sit->pain->padding->no pain with different seats, so I'm at least pretty sure of the correlation, but other interpretations are welcome.

Anyway, I'm looking for a solution to this, preferably one which doesn't lead my coworkers to conclude that I have hemorrhoids.
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I'd consult a doctor. I bike regularly, and this isn't normal or common for even that sort of seating situation.
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I'm a lady person, and I have a well-padded butt, but I'll still get numbness in various parts of my butt, and even in some of my lady parts, if I sit for too long on a hard seat.

You might try looking for a coccyx cushion, which has a small cut out but isn't a donut, and if anyone gives you a funny look you can flap your arms and say "What, I have a bony butt! My tailbone is le delicate!" -- it really isn't any of their business why you have a cushion, but I agree that the donut pillow is way too embarrassing, because everyone knows what those are for. (But, damnit, almost everybody gets hemorrhoids eventually!) You should be able to find one that is business-looking enough that it just looks like you're using extra support on your chair.

All that said, chrisfromthelc is not wrong to suggest that this is something you should bring up to your doc. Pudendal nerve entrapment sounds a lot like what you describe, and it's often exacerbated by prolonged sitting. (It's like carpal tunnel.) But, if sitting with padding fixes the problem, and it doesn't get worse... well, tell your doctor anyway, but don't be surprised if they shrug and say, "let me know if it gets worse."
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You can try a prostate pillow (e.g., http://www.prostatepillow.com/). You can always claim it's for back problems, and while they might secretly think you have weird butt-related problems, they're unlikely to mention it.

Also, see a doctor.
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Ooh! Ooh! OR! Get some egg crate and cut out the shape that you need, and put it in a regular chair cushion cover. Nobody needs to know there's a cut-out for your pudenda.
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Or someone's pudenda.

Seconding a shaped egg crate foam.

Or try something like this.
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I agree back problems are more socially acceptable than butt problems. Get a full length chair cushion "for your back" and see if it helps your butt.
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Another thing you might try is acquiring a 30 minute timer to remind you to get up every half hour. This may help in other ways as well; sitting in a chair for long periods is just not good for human bodies.
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