Where can I get customized USB drives for a good price?
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Where can I get customized USB thumb drives for a good price?

I'm looking to get about 80-100 256k (or less) USB thumb drives with a logo on it. I've found many sources online but am looking for recommendations/experiences anyone has had with a particular supplier.
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Best answer: I have not purchased that particular thing from them, but I've been very very happy with 4imprint.com for other promotional items. Good prices, great customer service, quick turn arounds, I really like them.
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Lexar provides custom logos for their products.
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I don't know how price competetive we are, but I believe the company I work for (Logoworks) provides this service. Email me if you like (address in the profile), and I can put you in touch with the right department.
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Response by poster: Tristeza, thanks. They do look like a very good company. After sludging through the Google world of cheap websites and fuzzy fine print- they offer a great deal: USB extension cable, neck lanyard, keychain, CD driver and a vinyl translucent zipper pouch are included. Most of the other places want extra for that stuff. Plus they do the first color for free.

Ask Mefi rocks once again!
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