Help! Brand new ikea furniture gives me a stuffy nose
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Bought ikea furniture for a bedroom.. big mistake. The smell of paint is so strong that if i sleep with the windows closed i wake up with a stuffy nose. Is there any remedy?
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It's likely not the paint...I'd say it's probably whatever glue they use to manufacture their cheapass particleboard. (No judgment...I'm surrounded by ikea stuff right now myself.

Is it possible for you to put your furniture outside in direct sunlight for several hours tomorrow? That will help. Even just time in a well-ventilated area will help those things off-gas.
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When I use nail polish indoors, I use an overhead fan, plus a small fan in the window facing outward. It is very efficient at reducing the smell. So, I would use multiple fans, and especially use outward-facing fans in the windows to keep the air circulating for several days. Eventually, I'd expect the volatile chemicals to evaporate and the smell to go away.
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Agree with phunniemee, smell will go away with time. I just setup some ikea furniture two weeks ago. I noticed a smell initially, but not now.
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It's been a month and the smell is still there.. direct sunlight is not an option (bed + cupboard).
I usually do the outward facing fan trick to disperse smoke smell, but it's not an option because i'd like to keep the windows closed at night. I guess I'll try an ionizer..
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Adding a few air-purifying houseplants to your bedroom might help a lot.
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Then try wiping it down with this product:
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I use a bowl of water with some drops of vanilla essence to get rid of difficult odours. You can also put a few drops on the light bulb - the heat disperses a nice vanilla scent, which seems to negate other smells.
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Did you try to talk to Ikea? They are usually quite nice about returns. Otherwise, evaporation literally increases exponentially with temperature, so if you cannot use the sun, you can speed it up a lot with a hairdryer of an incandescent lamp. If it's the particle board, as phunniemee says, it could help as a last resort to seal its exposed surfaces with a plastic paint.
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You might try getting some odor neutralizers for your space... Not another chemical smell, but something that will gather up the smell.

I like these volcanic rock ones.
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I have a good bit of Ikea furniture, and while it smells at first, it's never lasted more than a week or so. Is it possible it's just a particular piece that's emitting the smell? Maybe you got one with bad glue or something.
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