No X-rated Content on Kickstarter?
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So...under its guidelines, Kickstarter says it cannot be used for funding pornographic material...

Yet I've seen several projects with pornographic content successfully funded by Kickstarter. Comic books with pornographic content, stories with graphic sex...

Is it just straight up porn (and very little else) that Kickstarter bans?

Anybody have any insight into this? Thanks.

(Reason I'm asking is about wanting to fund the printing of a graphic novel that contains three explicit sex scenes.)
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Best answer: I actually know someone who got a fairly explicit comic anthology funded via Kickstarter. As far as I know the content was never a problem. (What was a problem is that they ended up having to print it in China and have all the copies shipped over, because the American printer they wanted to use refused to do it. Keep that in mind.)
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Best answer: Pornography is usually defined as being solely for the purposes of sexual stimulation. If your novel has other elements, or if the sex supports plot, characterization or something else besides sexual stimulation of the reader, it's not pornography.

As the judge remarked the day
that he acquitted my Aunt Hortense...
to be smut it must be ut-
terly without redeeming social importance

—Tom Lehrer
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Best answer: (Reason I'm asking is about wanting to fund the printing of a graphic novel that contains three explicit sex scenes.)

That would not meet the benchmark for pornography because your graphic novel would be deemed to have artistic and literary value.
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Response by poster: Folks, you answered my question perfectly. Thanks so much!
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i can't see 3 sex scenes being a problem when this made it through.
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By the way, Indiegogo has much more relaxed policies about project content.
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