Looking for a no-contract SIM for Italy with data/internet and texting.
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I need a no-contract SIM for Italy that offers texting and unlimited Internet. I have a similar set up with Virgin Mobile France for 16€/month, I just want a SIM for the times travel to Italy, which is maybe once every other month for a few days. Are there any other mobile providers in Italy besides TIM?
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Service providers Italy (Scroll down) led me to Vodaphone and pay as you go.
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There's also WIND. I'm not sure how their data works I know they have contractless SIMs. Here's some stuff (in Italian) about their unlimited data for 9 Euro/month...

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There are a lot more operators!

Google "Internet mobile ricaricabile tariffe" (or "prepagata" instead of "ricaricabile") on Italian google & you come up with some suggestions and comparison sites like this:


(posting quickly from phone now will look up a bit more later)
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The primary players are TIM, Vodafone and Wind with Tre a semi-distant fourth. The Italian Poste office has also recently gotten into the act, but don't offer competitive rates/coverage as of yet IMO. Bitteschoen is correct that you'll want to peruse the ricaricabili offers.

As I stated in my previous answer, offers are usually time sensitive, so I suggest checking them out just before you are ready to buy your SIM.
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Here's a quick overview of the main offers from main providers for pay as you go mobile internet from your phone (there are different ones for tablets or usb keys).

There are also offers for pay as you go on a daily and weekly basis, maybe those would be more useful? but they do generally have lower limits of internet traffic.

Also, for pay as you go the "no limits" offers do in fact have a limit - at most they offer up to 3GB at then they may not charge you extra but will cap the speed of navigation significantly. But if you're using it only a few days then that shouldn't be a problem.

Depends also where you travel within Italy - if you want the best coverage outside of urban areas usually TIM and Vodafone are more reliable. (Coverage map here)
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Thank you all, this was helpful. I went with Vodafone in the end, €15/mo no-contract plan, unlimited text and data service.
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