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Recommendations for singing/vocal coaches in the SF Bay area that work well with a rock/pop/punk energetic vibe?

I'm moving up there very soon and would love to really get into singing - something I'd been doing intermittently for the last few years. My vibe's a mix of rock + punk + pop with an aspiration for sexy+dark+sultry-yet-creepy. (Shirley Manson or Joan Jett are good examples.)

I've been performing for a few years, though not really anything involving singing, and I'd like something that allows me to be energetic and fun and expressive, rather than focus on "sounding pretty". I do have some hangups about how I sound (mostly for constantly being picked on for my accent and sounding 'weird') so someone whose approach is to embrace the weird would help.

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It has been some years since I took lessons from her, but Eleonor England is truly fantastic at embracing the weird and working with you on your own agenda. She is also really, really good with people who have any emotional issues around being picked on for their singing (hello!); I never could figure out how she managed to be so supportive while never letting me get away with anything. She's only in SF once a week, but she's absolutely worth checking out.
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If you're willing to do skype lessons, you might check out Rozalind Crew. She's got all sorts of folks in her studio, and in addition to teaching great technique is really supportive of everyone doing there own thing. I don't know if she makes up as far north as SF, however.
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Seconding Eleonor England. She's coached me a few times in Amsterdam and really helped my indie / punk style vocals.
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