Where is a fun, Fall Northeastern honeymoon destination?
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Looking for a honeymoon destination in the Northeast in November

My fiance and I live in Northern VA/DC area and have never been to areas in the Northeast and think it'd be a great, and relatively close, honeymoon destination! We don't want to do New York or anything in a major city, we are looking for a moderately-priced (around 3000) resort or hotel, where we can relax (pool, nice rooms, spa, outdoor areas) but also do something outdoorsy and explore (skiing, hiking, lake). We also love food, so maybe somewhere we can travel to for good dining in the area or towns to explore during the day and night.

The wedding is in late November, so would love the outdoorsy, Fall feel where we can enjoy the leaves/weather changing.

Anyone have suggestions for New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine? What about travel (airports nearby, train, would renting a car be necessary?)
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Late November is too late in New England for fall foliage. It'll be pretty well and truly winter (not as cold as it gets or anything, but it will feel like winter to you), we usually get our first big snow around Thanksgiving.

New England in winter is still awesome, you'll just have to adjust your expectations accordingly.
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What Telegraph said.

Also, fall foliage map.
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For late November, if you want fall foliage, you'll need to go south, not north. Myrtle Beach is lovely in the fall.
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If you are still into the Northeast during that time frame, it is hard to do better than the Mohonk Mountain House. Not sure how long you are staying.
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Vermont is home to the New England Culinary Institute and has many interesting places to eat.
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Lake Placid, NY.
There is plenty to do around there and it is a beautiful area. You can even go bob-sledding there, at the former olympic facility. It is in the Adirondack Mountains. The ski slopes will most likely be open by then. It will be more like a winter vacation, than a fall vacation - but it is a beautiful area.
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My dream destination--Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH. Like everyone else said, you might miss the fall foliage, but they have horse-drawn carriages, the ski area might be open, spa onsite if you're into that, and about 40 minutes to North Conway, which is more of a toursty spot but still really cool. At the back of the hotel and on a huge (enclosed?) porch, there are some amazing views of Mount Washington. Even the drive up there on the Kancamagus Highway is absolutely breathtaking.

Also, if you're looking for a New England beach sort of thing (it's November but hey, I'm not judging) then Inn at Sunrise Point in Lincolnville, ME looks pretty cool. And because it's the off season, you'd get one of the better rates.

Either way, New England's pretty awesome (not biased, this is just fact) and I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves no matter where you end up. Good luck!
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Also came to suggest Mohonk.
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If you decide to do New England I think you should look into Woodstock, Vermont. A beautiful, quaint but upscale town.

If you are interested in good food you could hit Hen of the Wood an hour north and Inn at Weatherfield about 25 minutes south. Bonus for Inn at Weathersfield is the fire outside every evening where you can enjoy Vermont skies with your after dinner drink and smores if you'd like.

When I travel I like to more than one location. You could spend a few days in the country and a few days in Burlington. Burlington, Vermont is a terrific town.

You could stay somewhere right on Lake Champlain which is JUST beautiful. Basin Harbor is a famous spot. Somehow there is this HUGE HUGE lake but it feel like you are the only one on it most of the time. And thats in the summer! And there is also a few great little towns near by.

Oh no... I could just go on and on about just about any place in New England! Have fun.
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