Help me make a belt
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Wanted: tips or detailed instructions for making a belt (clothing) out of fabric, iron-on "waist maker" tape, needle, thread, "belting" strap material, and (probably) some hooks. I'm not 100% sure how to fold/sew the fabric around the tape, especially the ends. No luck with Google, and the package instructions are sparse.

I've got this kind of nice 50s-style dress I'm working on accessorizing with white shoes, hat, gloves, and a string of fake pearls; it needs the perfect belt. I've decided I need to make the perfect belt: simple, fabric, about 1" wide, buckle optional (can't find the right one anyway). I went to the fabric store and found the materials described above and now own them.

The iron-on tape will let me use heat to stick the fabric to it, but what about the back, where the fabric would probably be two layers? And what about the ends? I'm thinking the ends should be rounded or pointed, but what's the best way to fold the fabric over?

I've got a thinner fabric and a thicker fabric; I think I'm going to try to make belts out of both of them. Oh, and I have to have it done by Friday.

(I already made my own crinoline - _without_ instructions or any experience, so I'm feeling pretty able)

Surely there are some instructions out there somewhere...
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Best answer: Easiest way to do this is as images: buckles and eyelets, reinforced belts, reinforced belts part deux
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Best answer: From looking at a picture of the Waist Maker, I'm guessing that you are supposed to:

1) Iron it to the wrong side of a strip of fabric, leaving about 1/2" extra fabric all the way around.

2) Along the long sides, fold the fabric over the edge of the tape. Iron if you like to help things stay in place.

3) Do the same along the short ends.

(Optional step: this is the point at which you would insert the belting.)

4) fold the whole shebang in half along the "perforations" in the Waist Maker tape, so that the belt is right side out.

5) Topstitch, about 1/4" from the edge, all the way around the edge of the belt.

6) Attach whatever hardware you desire for closure. I'm not sure from your question if you are planning to tie the belt, or use a buckle; if the former, I recommend avoiding the belting, as this will make it very difficult to tie.

From your question about the fabric in the back and the two layers and such, I may be way off. I haven't been able to dig up any instructions for using these particular materials.

Please feel free to e-mail me with more specific questions if you need to!
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Oops - please disregard my comments on the closure; apparently I had a moment of reading incomprehension.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I know what I'm going to do now. The illustrations were helpful, and the directions by hilatron were helpful.

To clarify: I thought about using a buckle, but couldn't find an appropriate one (in the one store I checked), so I'm probably just going to use hooks and eyes sewn on. Maybe I can add a buckle later.
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Instead of a buckle, how about velcro? Comes in white, and is easier than fussing with hooks & eyes.
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