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Poem identification help!

I recently met an elderly lady who recited a poem for me. I'd like to write to her and mention it but I'm not confident of the author. I thought she said Emily Dickinson but I haven't had any luck googling. We were also talking about the Brontes immediately beforehand so it could be Emily Bronte but again I haven't had any luck.

The poem began something like: 'Three rivers run around her feet, one red, one yellow, one...?' That's all I can remember. I clearly should gave paid more attention.

Any help identifying the poem and its author will be gratefully received!
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No colors, but could it be I Did Not Reach Thee?
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Or Emily Bronte's 'The Philosopher'?


"I saw a spirit, standing, man,
Where thou dost stand--an hour ago,
And round his feet three rivers ran,
Of equal depth, and equal flow--
A golden stream--and one like blood;
And one like sapphire seemed to be;
But, where they joined their triple flood
It tumbled in an inky sea
The spirit sent his dazzling gaze
Down through that ocean's gloomy night;
Then, kindling all, with sudden blaze,
The glad deep sparkled wide and bright--
White as the sun, far, far more fair
Than its divided sources were!"
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Sounds like pammeke has it. For future reference, here's a Bronte concordance, and here's one for Dickinson.
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Thank you!
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