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Recently decided to go paleo and am looking for your favorite resources on delicious paleo recipes! In particular, looking for awesome remixes of classic favs, like cauliflower pizza crust (yum btw), but any favorite sites/blogs are welcome. Thanks!
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I like PaleOMG for paleo recipes, mainly because she does lots of yummy desserts.
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Are you on Pinterest? I have Celiac Disease and I've found a ton of paleo friendly recipes there.
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I'm not on paleo, but reddit.com/r/keto has been a huge resource for my partner and I in our keto journey. Loads of ideas for great foods come from there, and /r/paleo as well. (There is a lot of overlap between paleo and keto.)
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We're doing a quasi-paleo/keto thing and I asked this question and got a lot of great replies.
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I'm liking nomnompaleo a lot these days. She and her husband have an iPad app that I don't use, but she also has a large index of free recipes on her site, and she photo-documents most of her meals, which is endlessly facscinating to me.
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Check out The Stonesoup.

The blogger isn't strictly paleo (she is more slow-carb), but the vast majority of her recipes are 5 ingredients or less and simply prepared.
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My Fitness Pal for tracking what you eat. There are macros for paleo and keto. (BTW, MFP is now on the MeFi social explorer.)
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Should you be in week two of a ketogenic diet and say "I need something cool and sweet that doesnt taste like a stick of butter in suet right now":

one can diet root beer, cold + heavy cream + ice (optional) = root beer float.
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I like Health Bent and The Clothes Make the Girl a lot. The latter blogger also wrote a cookbook, Well Fed, and everything I've made from it is AWESOME. Chowstalker is worth a browse, too.
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Best answer: I'm sure that zippy's suggestion is well intentioned, but in the interest of saving this question from forking over to keto stuff, please keep in mind that there is nothing paleo about diet root beer or heavy cream.

I second the suggestion of Well Fed.
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I'll add Balanced Bites as another recommended recipe source, although my main go to sites are NomNomPaleo (and the iPad app) and Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed cookbook.

Just like any other popular method of eating which asks you to omit popular favorites, I would recommend trying to embrace new ingredients versus paleofying old favorites. You'd be surprised what you don't miss when you haven't had the original version in awhile and lose your craving for it.
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