So, like the opposite of Gordon Ramsay
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Are there any videos on YouTube similar to Great Depression Cooking, in that they feature completely amateur cooking? I mean people without great knife technique or whatever, just cooking regular meals in small regular kitchens like the rest of regulars, fearlessly and worrying not so much about presentation or perfection?
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"My Drunk Kitchen" (MyHarto on YT), maybe? She certainly meets your criteria for "fearlessly" and "worrying not so much".
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I like Manjula's Kitchen for vegetarian Indian recipes.
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This guy is definitely an amateur without great knife technique who cooks regular (well, regular insofar as veganism has penetrated the mainstream) meals without worrying about presentation or perfection, but depending on your taste in home decor you may find his kitchen insufficiently regular.
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Maangchi cooks in a regular kitchen. Her videos are fairly polished but she's not a professional chef. and her recipes are awesome. (love her easy kim chi!)

SomaliRecipes is pretty low-budget.
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RunnyRunny999 is one of my favorites. He does mostly Japanese food.

Laura Vitale has pretty polished videos, but I don't think she's a pro and she cooks in a kitchen. She is fairly "foodie-ish" though.

Showmethecurry is two very sweet women cooking Indian food.

Cooking with Dog is in a regular kitchen, though I believe the chef is also a pro. There's a poodle watching her cook and narrating. Also Japanese food.

Seconding Maangchi.
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Oh, also maybe vahchef. He wears a chef's coat, but he's in a normal kitchen and I've never seen him do anything anyone would call fussy.
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JPMETZ isn't really about cooking, it's about whatever she feels like talking about, but her "How to cook a damn steak" is hella entertaining and makes a good steak to boot.
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I just discovered Hilah Cooking. Again, high production values, but definitely not fussy, and in a kitchen with equipment that places her squarely in my Southern great grandmother's school of cooking.
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Thirstin Howl III has a jail recipes series that is funny and informative.

Also, John Witherspoon has Cooking for Poor People.
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