Another day, another bag suggestion request
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Yet another bag recommendation needed. This one is for a small (think city bag, not hiking bag) bag that I can carry both as a backpack and a front sling, shoulder, or cross-body bag. And that works reasonably well as both.

This one would be perfect, except that they put ratches on the straps so that it can be a waist pack as well. And the ratches ratchet the straps out of position every time I try to put the bag on my back.

I also have something very similar to this that claims it can be used as both a backpack and a sling, but it really can't. It's decent as a backpack, but as a sling or shoulder bag, it's awful.

It doesn't need to be big, in fact the smaller - or really lighter - the better. But it does need to sit on my back, and either over my shoulder or across my chest.

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What about this Skinny Vinny bag?

Full disclosure: the designer's cousin is my better half.
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If you're on a budget, the Sherpani Via might be just what you need. It's low profile unless it's filled with stuff, is waterproof and works as a tote and as a backpack. As a bonus, it folds into a pouch small enough that you can fit it into a regular sized purse.
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I have this Nikole day bag from REI and I love it. I use it as a backpack or just hung over one shoulder. However, it will only work as a sling if you're relatively thin, because the straps are just not long enough to deploy in a sling configuration if you're larger than average. (Reviews of the bag indicate that the straps used to be longer.)
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I use this and find it quite comfortable. but this may be more what you are looking for.
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