What else am I going to kill with these sticky traps?
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Sticky traps vs. flea beetles - what else am I going to kill?

I'd like to try sticky traps like these as a countermeasure against the flea beetles that are eating my eggplants, but I'm concerned about killing pollinators and other beneficial insects - has anyone had experience with using them? Would you do it again?
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Response by poster: Here's where the link is supposed to go: http://www.ghorganics.com/StickyTrap.html
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I use glue bands around my fruit trees - I'd imagine those sticky traps are similar. From what I've observed, the glue traps small flies and other insects, but nothing much bigger than an ant. Hanging the traps up in the air above your plants may well trap small pollinating insects too, but I've never seen a bee get stuck.
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I'd worry about accidentally getting ladybugs and such. Have you looked into spinosad? My dad has had good luck with it, specifically to take care of flea beetles.
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