Hey, check out these cute tiny getas
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So I found these awesome little Japanese sandals (called geta, I now know) and I am wondering if it's ok to use them for dress up or if they are worth something and I shouldn't damage them.

I should mention they are tiny. Probably fit my 4 year old (I should have had a ruler in the pic!) I think they are antique but they may just be dime store souvenirs.
Can anyone tell me how old they are and if the kids can play with or just LOOK at them on a shelf??

(the written marker is from the Salvation Army where I got them)
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I'm no expert, but they look more like a souvenir than an antique proper. Moreso than value, I'd worry about the paint... if they're from a developing nation, the paint could contain lead. I'm no Safety Sally, but I probably wouldn't let really little kids have 'em.
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They're probably fine for play but keep in mind they take some getting used to. I saw a sumo wrestler in a Japanese train station once and I was wondering why he walked funny until I saw what he wearing.
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Check out online kimono stores; I know Ichiroya lists geta. And don't forget the tabi socks!
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I bought some geta more than ten years ago and I still wear them for a couple of months a year around the garden. I also take them back during our visits home to Japan to wear around the neighbourhood (getting beer or a loaf of bread or whatever).

Geta are supremely comfortable, and are pretty durable too (it doesn't matter if they get scuffed - they're supposed to!)

That said, I have no idea if your geta have any value to a collector.
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