Should I send another e-mail?
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E-mail etiquette: I need to have an interview with my college's contact at my externship. The contact asked me to e-mail her in July. I e-mailed her 6 days ago but have not gotten a reply. How should I proceed?

1. My program director e-mailed me the information I would need to schedule an interview for my externship. My program director asked that I schedule an appointment for an interview within the next two weeks.

2. I e-mailed the contact at the externship. She replied the next day asking me to contact her closer to my start date (September) and suggested I contact her sometime in July.

3. I e-mailed her 6 days ago in reference to scheduling an interview. She has yet to reply.

How should I proceed? Should I send another e-mail? Should I e-mail my advisor and ask her what to do? What is the proper etiquette in this situation?

This is my first externship. From what I understand the interview is more of an introduction than a screening process. The interview must happen before September.

Also, just super anxious because I am so excited (and nervous) for this externship
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If you were provided with the contact's phone number, it's time to call her.

A lot of people are easily overwhelmed by email, and things happen -- but when it comes to work-related things, getting to the phone sooner rather than later only enhances the relationship.
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Response by poster: I was not provided with her phone number. Should I contact my advisor ask her for the number?
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You are in Vet Tech school, no? People in this field can be super disorganized and scatterbrained, especially (for some reason) people in management. I would call whatever generic number you can find for her organization and ask to speak to her by name. If they ask who you are or what it is regarding, tell them it is about setting up an externship. The prospect of free labor will make sure the call gets forwarded to where it needs to go.
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If you are in the US, I would give it until next week. A lot of people were off last week due to the holiday and she may be wading through a lot of backed up work.
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Best answer: I'd email her tomorrow (so giving her a week) replying to your original email starting "Hi (name), Sorry to bother you but would it be possible to arrange a time for an interview? Regards, (your name)" or something similar.

If you don't get a reply by Monday, call your advisor and get her number.
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Best answer: I was going to say exactly what something something did. This is a very popular couple of weeks for people to go on vacation.

Do what mr_silver said, and relax! This is a very flaky time of year for a lot of people.
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When she said July she probably meant mid-to late.
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Best answer: Given that it's to set up an interview for a potential start date of September...

When did your program director tell you to sched an interview in the next two weeks? How hands on is this director and how many "charges" do they have to deal with? ie., are you just a name/number out of a pool of hundreds, or can the director recognize you by sight? If you're just another number, relax. The "next couple of weeks" thing is probably just bs. If you know them well enough to say hi, go "bump into them" and inform them of the situation.

I'd say wait at least until the 16th, but given that its a Monday, I wouldn't email them until the 19th or even the 20th (Wed/Thurs). Hey, the start date is September, right? I'd basically just re-write the email you already sent and definitely not mention anything about having previously written or that you were waiting for a response. Sometimes email gets lost, or you were low priority for a reason. Just pretend that the new email is the one that they asked you to write "sometime in July."

Also, who's your email provider? Hotmail? I know a lot of people who have hotmail flat out blocked. If at all possible, use your university/corporate email address. Also, include your name and what you want from them (Externship Interview [for starting position in Sept.]) in the subject line.

IME when people go away on vacation, typically they'll have an "away" autoresponse email. Maybe your contact person hasn't though of it.

If you still don't get a response by Aug 1st, I'd go with what mr_silver recommends; hit up your advisor/program director and inform them of the situation. If you actually have face to face contact with your advisor on a regular, bring it up the next time you see them.
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Response by poster: I heard back from the contact today. Thanks for the perspectives guys!
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