Cabins & B&Bs, oh my! Between Mendocino and Portland
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Recommendations for Cabins & Queer-Friendly B&B's between Mendocino and Portland?

My sweetie and I are going to take a trip from SF to Portland over the course of 11 days. We have places to stay in Mendocino and Portland and are looking for 1-2 other places to adventure to on our way up.

We would love a cabin (with kitchen) to stay in for a few days (preferably near the ocean) and a B&B or two to spend the night in. We would have to be safe/preferably be open as a queer couple, as this will be our pseudo-honeymoon and we do not want to be closeted (we have played "friends" before, though).

I have looked at as many of the previous posts tagged with Portland to SF as possible, and have great food ideas, but I am still looking for places to stay/rent out along the way. (Additional food ideas are welcomed! We are the farm-to-table type. And recommendations for places with good coffee :) ).

We are open to driving past Portland a tiny bit, if you have a "must go here" suggestion.

If it makes a difference, this will be an October trip.

Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: I should note that I have looked at Purple Roofs for B&B recommendations - the options seem limited. Thanks!
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Sylvia Beach Hotel is a popular B&B-like kooky hotel in Newport, Oregon. It's positioned as a retreat for book lovers and attracts an interesting, educated and eclectic crowd. Nothing explicitly queer about it but certainly gay friendly. What I enjoyed best as a single traveler was the communal dinner. A fine meal with the hostess having sat me at a table with other guests. Normally I hate that kind of forced social situation but it was fun because the company was interesting. That may be exactly not what you're looking for on a honeymoon though.
Also while it's perfectly comfortable it's definitely more on the shabby chic end of things than glitzy recently renovated.

October's a dicey time of year. If you don't need to be on the coast, Ashland, Oregon is a lovely town and in a beautiful part of Oregon. It's also more educated / less redneck than the rest of the area and will generally be more queer-welcoming. The highlight of Ashland is the summer theater festival, but that also supports a year-round arts scene and lots of B&Bs and restaurants.
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Nothing specific to recommend, but Yachats, OR is lovely and very "open".
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Best answer: In southern Oregon, I recommend the Tu Tu Tun Lodge in Gold Beach. It's absolutely lovely. Also, I have heard great things about WildSpring in Port Orford.
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Response by poster: Reporting back. We stayed at two lovely places - they were very expensive for our normal way of living but all of them were incredible - in terms of the food, service, kindness and queer-openness of staff (and guests, actually).

We stayed at the Brewery Gulch Inn, in Mendocino and took purpleclover's advice and stayed at the Tu Tu' Tun Lodge in Gold Beach. Feel free to memail me in the future for more details.
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