What do cover letters and CVs look like in Quebec?
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What do cover letters and CVs look like in Quebec?

I'm applying to an academic post in Montreal, and they've asked me to submit a CV and a cover letter in French, according to Quebec standards. The French shouldn't be a problem, but I'm American, and don't know the specifics of Quebec documentation.

Anybody know any specific resources for this? Or any general advice to keep in mind for the application?

Thanks in advance!
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Are you applying to a French school or an English one, for a university or a Cegep?

In any case, as far as I know [I've looked at a few], the content is much the same. Find a French CV on the school you are applying to, in a related department, and copy it. Letters in French are a lot more formal than English; if you haven't been taught how to write business letters in French, try to find a francophone to read yours over.
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Thanks, Jeather. It's university level, francophone technically, but lots of international students.
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Few links here to government resources talking about Quebec CV/resume formats:

- OFQJ (Office Franco-Québécois Jeunesse)
- Emploi Québec ("Guide pratique de recherche d'emploi" with a CV example)
- Service Canada ("Sections d'un CV")
- Immigration-Quebec

They're not entirely consistent between themselves, which is good as it means you don't have to worry about adhering to some arcane set of inflexible guidelines.
The Service Canada outline corresponds to many French CVs I've handled in Montreal, with the "Objectif de carrière" et al. But then I see many simpler ones, and my own is name/contact info, relevant work history most recent>oldest, education, very small "about me" section and references available upon request yadda yadda.

Good luck! Montreal is the best place to live imo. ;)
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Thanks, L'Estrange Fruit!
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