Identify this Bag?
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What kind of bag is this? If I had to ask whether a shop had one in stock, what would I ask for? I first thought "messenger bag", but google pics show another style. Maybe a subspecies of the same thing?
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A satchel.
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It's a satchel! The one in your drawing can be found at Cambridge Satchel Company! How do I know? Because I own that same exact bag! Hooray!
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I'd call it a satchel style bag.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you :)
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"Satchel." Small "shoulder bag," "fisherman bag." "Cross body bag." Lots of terms will be useful...
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It is, technically, a satchel, especially because it has two buckles on the flap. But a lot of store clerks might not know that. Or websites might not be phrased that way. I'd suggest also adding "cross body" to your list of terms, because that comes up very, very frequently.
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I think your exact model can be found on this satchel page.
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