Venizia Biennale Recommendations
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I will be in Venice during the first week of September, and would like recommendations for things to see during the Biennale.

My family will be in Venice from September 3rd through to about the 7th or 8th. We like music (classical, jazz, folk, but opera less so), theatre (although, sadly, we know only English and French), good contemporary art (the more engaging the better), film (although nothing too violet/dirty for the folks), and modern dance.

Almost nothing in the programme is familiar to me - aside from a handful of films (the new Barney/Bjork film, Gilliam's Brothers Grimm, A Constant Gardener). I would eagerly appreciate recommendations, especially of things that are somehow 'special' -- opportunities to see great things we would not have a chance to experience elsewhere.

Thanks very much, in advance!
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Seeing the Biennale could welll take up all your time and your energy. It is the most important contemporary art show in the world and the biggest. Of course, if you don't know Venice, or even if you do, walking arournd, getting lost, sitting down and ordering an espresso or a gelatto, and then wandering further has been for me one of the most joyful adventures I can imagine. The city is full of surprises.Take a vaporetto to Lido and explore. That's where they filmed Death in Venice, or if its foggy think of Don't Look Now. Or to Murano where they make the glass, fascinating. The week will fly by. Enjoy.
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I concur with donfactor. Venice is a miracle and for a true world-class experience, after dark after the day tours have left, it's magic. Get away from San Marco and walk around in the untouristed areas. Don't miss the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. I liked the Secret Tour of the Doges Palace; you see the upper parts of the palace that aren't open to the general public. (You need to make reservations).
If you can get tickets to see anything at Opera Fenice, do.
If it rains, rejoice and enjoy. Most hotels have umbrellas. San Marco square under water is a sight to behold; watching couples dancing in water up to their knees is unforgettable.
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Response by poster: Um. Thanks for those suggestions. I've actually been to Venice before and have done a lot of that stuff. This time I hope to also take advantage of my lucky timing.

No one's got any recommendations? There's so many world-calibre acts! *sigh*
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Best answer: i've heard the pipilotti rist video installation is great. Not sure where it is, but I hear it's in a cathedral and she would most likely be representing Switzerland. There are some pictures from her piece and others here:
I would definitely also check out Olafur Eliasson's piece shown there.
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dodges palace is very cool. st. marks square is probably over-rated...very crowded with people and pigeons...but worth seeing. just walk along the streets and canals. great fun to be sure!
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