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A few recommendations needed for a new resident of Milwaukee.

(1) Our baby is still very new, and we are still very tired, so I think I'd like to continue having our house professionally cleaned for a bit longer (previously). Any recommendations for a good, cheap, green cleaner serving the Bay View area? I was very happy with the all-natural cleaner recommended in the previous question.

(2) Also, given the new baby, I need to visit a local estate lawyer to draft up a simple will. (Given some very slight but significant wrinkles I don't want to do this on my own.) Any recommendations?

(3) Where can I get a good rundown on the schools in the area, especially MPS if we decide we want to stay in Bay View permanently?

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: We use King's Lifestyle Cleaners. They use our products, so you can provide whatever you want. We have a young baby too and have been very happy with them, but I wouldn't call them cheap. In Bay View it seems most people want to get their kids into Fernwood Montessori. But, Tippecanoe is opening in the Fall as another K-8 Montessori and I know a lot of the folks are very eager about that.
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Best answer: RE: the new Montessori school... It's in the old Tippecanoe school building, but is being called (at least for the next year) Howard Avenue Montessori School. But, the "Tippecanoe" school moved to the Fritsche building (with Dover) and is a pretty decent arts school.

When we were deciding where to send my son for 4k (he starts this fall), we picked Humboldt Park because it was a K-8, had good test scores, and wasn't likely to be combined like Tippecanoe might be. Humboldt Park is a really diverse school, with the student body speaking 15 different languages.

If you don't mind long bus rides or long drives to school, the language immersion schools are supposed to be pretty good.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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