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Program for drawing a line graph (on graph paper?)?

I'm trying to draw a line graph (three lines -- 1 with 6 data points, 1 with 3 data points and 1 with 3 data points) over several months. (Each data point is a number associated with a particular date, and the time frame is 12 months.) Every person in my office who is good at Excel has not been able to do this -- the person with the most experience says that the months are all squished together or spaced apart depending on data points. I have tried four people in my office.

Is there a program that will just pull up a piece of graph paper and let me draw on it with lines? Or any other ideas?

Assume that I don't know how to do anything like this.
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Microcal Origin is excel for scientists and engineers.
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Sounds like you might want something like the Graphing Calculator application that used to be bundled with MacOS. It's still available for Windows and Macintosh.

If all you want is a grid you can draw on, Inkspace should suffice.
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You really ought to be able to do this in Excel. Is there anyone more knowledgable to talk to? If you can wait until tomorrow for a plot, you can memail me the data.
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Yeah, you can do this in Excel. You need to create an X-Y (Scatter) plot, and have individual X and Y axis data for each data set. I found I had to right click/Ctrl-click (Mac) on the chart area, and choose the Select Data ... option. You can then add each data set, and it will appear as individual lines.

I'll memail a link to a spreadsheet example.
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You absolutely can do this in Excel. I just tested it myself. Looks like scruss is going to hook you up with a link.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone ... my people here were able to do it in Excel, but the months were not "to scale" as it were. I will muddle along and/or send data to Tooty tomorrow if need be. Love you guys & gals!
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Yes, feel free to e-mail me data if you want, I can definitely get the months to scale properly.
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This will work, too.
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If you figure it out, can you post how you did it? (It sounded simple to me too, but I couldn't get excel to do it without connecting the datapoints by hand.)
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