Where can I host an Olympic Opening Ceremonies party in Brooklyn?
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Is there a bar or other space in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Long Island City where I can reserve a private room with a TV for a get-together to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies? I am not looking to pay for an entire event, just reserve a private space with a TV and proximity to a bar where my friends can buy drinks.
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The "private room without paying" is the difficult part here... How private do you mean? Must there be a door between you and the rest of the bar/space? If not, I think there are a bunch of bars that you can reserve a section for you and your friends, and as long as you're all buying drinks pretty regularly, I don't think it would cost anything. How many people are we talking here?
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Probably like 15 to 20. And I'm not averse to paying something to reserve a room, I just mean I don't want to be paying for drinks, food, etc.

Ideally I'd like a fully separate room, but that's not critical.
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I'd call up any number of bars then until you find a price/situation that seems to fit. Sports bars might be a good start, as they'll certainly have TV's.

Though now that I've looked it up and it's on a Friday it might be a bit tougher to find something... what time are they showing it here? If it's live (1 or 2pm EST?), I imagine it'll be pretty easy to find a spot. If it's on delay on NBC at 7pm, it might be a bit harder? I'm guessing a party at your apartment is out of the question here?

I'm only really familiar with places in Manhattan, but maybe one of the Perfect Pints on 45th? Windfall on 39th b/w 5th and 6th? Hop Devil Grill on St Marks and A? Nevada Smith's on 11th St b/w 3rd and 4th?

I'm just listing places that I've gone to watch sports before... so I know they'll have the proper TV channels and such.
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 I'm guessing a party at your apartment is out of the question here? 

Yeah, we have a teensy TV, and no cable or digital converter. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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