Lids for bail-top jars?
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Does anyone know where I can buy lids for old-style bail-top canning jars?
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There are a couple of sellers on etsy who sell replacement lids, iirc. Search for mason jar lids or canning jar lids. You will have to wade through a lot of the screw-on zinc tops, though.
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If you live near any Amish communities, try an Amish grocery or general store. Since they still do a lot of canning, even if they didn't carry these lids, they'd probably know who does.
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You might try Lehman's. If they don't carry them, call them; they might know who does.
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Dang, JanetLand beat me to the punch! Yes, looks like you can get these at Lehman's. Look under "Jars, Lids and Rubbers" (tee hee).
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Unfortunately, none of the above suggestions panned out. (Except I'll do further searching for Amish general stores.) No old-style glass lids. I'll probably resort to corks.
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Have you checked your local supermarket? Most California grocers have at a section of an aisle devoted to canning supplies. Also, Google for "canning lids" and "canning rings"
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Here ya go
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Never mind, I was an idiot and didn't realize you wanted the glass type.
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I work with a guy who used to work at Ball.

He said to call Ball Corp (now located in Broomfield, CO) 1 800 240-3340 (their website is actually pointing to Jarden Corp's phone # for home canning questions) If anyone does make those lids, they'd probably know about it.

Also check your mefi mail.
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