West Coast retreat
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Looking for an all-inclusive spa/yoga/outdoors retreat type thing, along these lines, but on the West Coast.

Want something that will work for an adult and her older but active mom, with a variety of activities for different interests (not forced fitness camp and not too far on the naked hippy continuum).

Trying for the week of August 5th.

Any suggestions?
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Cavallo Point?
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My wife says Rancho La Puerta is a wonderful retreat with lots of activities available around health, fitness, and the outdoors. Not too hippy because it's pricey, and the level of woo depends on the weekly featured guests. Looks like there's an Ashtanga Yoga Week beginning on Aug 4.
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In gorgeous Big Sur, there's Esalen
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I'm not positive they're all-inclusive, but look at the Golden Door. They are not cheap (once upon a time, they were a big celebrity hangout) but they are pretty much what you are asking for.
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