Help me find an essay?
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Can you help me find this vaguely-remembered creative essay about dating that was published on The Awl (or similar) maybe a year ago?

It, or at least the beginning of it, was written in the second person (probably). The essay started off with two people meeting up for a third date after (I think) sleeping together on the second. There was a nice description of the awkward greeting moment, where one person goes in for a kiss on the cheek and the other goes for the lips. And... that's about all I've got.

I'm pretty sure I read it in the summer of last year.

I remember it being on The Awl, but it might have been on some other similar internet place (like The Hairpin or Thought Catalog, although I've checked both with my vague search terms with no success). Come on, MetaFilter, you're good at this!
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What would you describe as the point of the essay? Do you remember if it ended on a promising note (i.e., they continued to date) or a down one (i.e., that date was their last)? Was it funny? Was it poignant? Was it told from the point of view of a woman, or a man?
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They have a few dozen that might fit that description listed under their dating tag. The only memorable one I recall reading in the past year was about the date that ended with the guy in the hospital somehow with a broken penis. (It didn't work out.)
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Hmm! Email us, we'll help: I should know off the top of my head but I'm out of it today. (Also might have been on The Hairpin.)
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It was kind of funny, but mostly in an uncomfortable way. I don't remember how it ended, or the gender of the author (I am leaning slightly toward female? But maybe just because it was in the second person and I am female.)
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Oh, and of course I should have mentioned that I already checked The Awl's dating tag.
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